Our Alpaca wool is beautifully soft and warm with a special lustre. The specialised alpaca mill carefully matches fleeces to blend together to make gorgeous, natural colours, unlike more commercial mills where all sorts of qualities are all run together with the result that the wool is not of such superb quality. All our wool can be traced to the fleeces of individual alpacas from our herd at Bowbridge.

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LUXURY ALPACA WOOL - Light Barber Pole

  • This was the favourite batch for the mill!

    The fleeces of Bethany and our award winning alpaca, Denzel, have produced a beautifully subtle barber pole in fawn and white. The finished yarn is uniform with a soft handle and a bright lustre.

    A 100g ball holds approximately 235 metres of double knit yarn.

    One ball is enough to knit our Laurie Hat and Venus Gloves, two balls are enough to knit the matching Laurie Scarf too, as long as you knit the hat and gloves first. We will automatically include our patterns with the wool.

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