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Ancient Incas referred to alpacas as the 'Fibre of the Gods' because of the luxuriously soft and durable fibre they produce. Today, along with cashmere, it is referred to as one of the luxury 'Noble Fibres'. 

Alpacas graze in such a way as to cause less disturbance to the soil than other livestock. This gentle grazer also produces a rich, voluminous fleece each year that must be shorn for the animals well-being.

Choose between 500g and 1kg of either White or Light Fawn raw alpaca fleece from the Bowbridge Herd. We will even let you know the name of the alpaca that your fleece comes from.

Weights are minimum, you will actually receive slightly more than the stated weight to allow for any wastage in spinning. 

This is 1st class alpaca fibre from the blanket area covering the alpaca's back. This fibre is perfect for spinning, dyeing, felting or weaving. 

Find out more about the great benefits, characteristics and uses of alpaca fibre here.

Raw Alpaca Fleece

£30.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
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