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Destress in the company of alpacas!

Alpaca Mindfulness for Two

Spend an hour destressing in the company of alpacas. Famed for their therapeutic qualities, alpacas make the perfect calming companions.


After a short safety briefing you will be free to sit or walk amongst our majestic alpacas.

You can draw, paint, photograph or simply observe their fascinating personalities

while you get away from it all.


Includes free mindfulness pack.

Phone us on 07484778040 to book your session directly with us. 

Single sessions for two are £25.

Or get even better by purchasing a five session pass for the price of 4.

Alpaca Mindfulness.JPG

5 Benefits of Alpaca Mindfulness

1.  Decreased stress.

2. Enhanced ability to deal with illness.

3. Improved academic and career success.

4. Improved relationships.

5. Improved general health.

Alpaca Mindfulness.JPG
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