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Alpacas for Sale

Quality alpacas for your needs.

Do you want to have your own herd of alpacas?

Do you want to add some new genetics to your existing herd?

Are you looking for pets, fibre producers, guard animals or

quality genetics for your own breeding programme?

We can help. 


Start your alpaca journey with us.

We have helped many families all across Scotland start or

continue their journey into owning alpacas.

Whether you are looking for pets for your children, a hobby for yourself, 

to start your own alpaca trekking business,

find guard animals to protect your sheep or poultry,

superior fibre producers or

to gain new genetics for your own high quality breeding programme,

we can help you choose the alpacas that are right for you.

We are committed to help you identify the alpacas that are right for you

to ensure their welfare and your enjoyment in owning them. 

Please take the time to fill out the form below giving as much information as possible so we can help you find your perfect alpacas as quickly as possible. We can let you know if we have alpacas available that suit your requirements, add you to our waiting list or

put you in touch with another quality breeder. 

In your message it is helpful to let us know the following:

  • Where are you based?

  • Do you already own alpacas or what is your experience with alpacas so far?

  • What is your goal with owning alpacas?

If you don't have any experience with alpacas already we recommend

you attend a husbandry course. We run an annual course in June or

private bespoke days alongside our herd health checks on the first Friday of every month.

Get in touch for availability to book onto a course.

You can find out more about our husbandry courses here.​

Please note that alpacas must be kept in groups with a minimum of three and

males and females must be kept separately. 


Get in touch

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