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The ultimate guide for new and potential alpaca owners to get started in alpaca farming, without making costly mistakes.


Includes complete notes from Bowbridge Alpacas Scotland's, Alpaca Husbandry course in digital form.


Use this guide to build a firm foundation in caring for alpacas. Learn how to gain full enjoyment from owning a happy and healthy herd while building a sustainable and profitable alpaca farm.

Alpaca Farming Starter Toolkit

  • How To Get Started

    Define Your Goals

    What Determines A Quality Alpaca

    BAS Breed Standard

    Breed Standard Conformation

    Points Of An Alpacas

    Breed Standard Huacaya Fleece

    Breed Standard Suri Fleece

    A Word On Vets

    Herd Health

    Herd Health Kit


    Vaccinations And Worming

    AD&E And Rickets

    Food And Nutrition


    Body Scoring

    Checking Eyelid Pallor

    Mites And Other Skin Conditions


    Alpaca Teeth

    Pasture Management

    Shelters And Fencing

    Herding And Training

    Halter Training

    Notes On Behaviours

    Novice Handlers Syndrome

    Transporting Alpacas

    Events With Alpacas



    What To Have In Your Birthing Box


    Cria Care


    What To Do With Your Fleece

    Fleece Skirting

    Storing Your Fleece

    Possible Income Streams From Alpacas

    Resources And References

    Next Steps



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